Song Prayer for the Elementals

June 26th, 2022

In honoring the Seven Directions we nurture our true relationship with the Elemental Kingdom.

When you start taking the time to love, bless, and sing to the nature spirits of air, fire, water, and earth … your life will start to be filled with magic and possibilities.

This is an active meditation and best to do outside in your bare feet. 

The music for this meditation was sung and composed by Jennifer Russell.

Receive a sound healing from Mother Mary and Jennifer here.


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June 19th, 2022

Today or tomorrow, we are celebrating the Sun as it’s seeming to stand still before it reverses its direction.  In the northern hemisphere we’re experiencing the longest day and in the southern hemisphere the longest night.

The Solstice creates a space of stillness, perfect balance, where everything ends, and nothing begins … also called zero point.

In this meditation you will be remembering the truth of who are with the help of Jeshua and Master Hilarion. 

You are a sunbeam from the Sun.

There’s Only Light was written by Jennifer, Michael Gayle, and David Matthew Brown.  You’ll find it recorded on Jennifer's There’s Only Light CD. Rob MacDonald shares his amazing voice on this song.

You can find all of Jennifer’s music on

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People Pleasing

June 12th, 2022

Do you catch yourself people pleasing? Do you know if you are a people pleaser?

This powerful message and healing from Mother Mary’s perspective on people pleasing will help you begin to release the old patterns of people pleasing. And love yourself even more.

Jennifer was sick recently. Through that experience she always knows that she’s going through a cleansing and a being retooled through an initiation for her ascension.

When she asked Mother Mary what this experience was about, she told her that she was on a people pleasing cleanse.

If you’d like to read this message, you can do that here.

The Ho’oponopono Prayer Chant is part of this meditation. You can watch the video here.

You can find most of the music on these podcasts on Jennifer’s bandcamp site.

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InterGalactic Master

June 5th, 2022

Are you ready to be an InterGalactic Master?

Our solar plexus is incredibly sensitive and designed to keep us safe. It’s the center of our gut reactions. It reaches out its feelers to let us know if we should be afraid.

This powerful chakra is ready for an upgrade. This meditation is an activation into its higher 5D function.

Our Solar Plexus is designed to be an instrument of wisdom and peace. As we open to interdependence with our heavenly team it becomes our center of peace, sending waves of wisdom into any situation bringing us the highest solution.

This meditation is a mini version of our 5D solar plexus chakra healing from Sanctuary with Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace. Get the full replay here.

The music for this podcast was played by Jennifer Russell and includes, There is Nothing but Peace, words by Ernest Holmes and music by Jennifer Russell.  This song is on One with the One CD.

You can find most of the music on these podcasts on Jennifer’s bandcamp site.

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May 29th, 2022

This meditation is a spiritual practice that allows you to stay in a state of Grace no matter what is going on. It comes right out of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy’s master course, Mother Mary’s Healing Circle.

Grace gives us the capacity to listen to divine messages and stay alert for the opportunities of impeccable guidance, aha moments, and visitations.

Grace is a gift from Beloved Sophia.

Jennifer played the song, Listening Grace, under this meditation. Listen to all of her new music here.

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Tree Blessing

May 22nd, 2022

If you are feeling out of sorts, take time to do this meditation.

Find a place to lay down under a tree or put your back up against its trunk. If you can’t get to a live tree, find a picture of one.

Receiving the Earth wisdom of a tree with the help of the Dragons, will nourish you, ground you, help you to be present, and remind you of the deliciousness of being physical.

The song under this meditation is lush, by Michael Gayle. You can listen to more of his music at

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Be Brave

May 15th, 2022

El Morya's Temple of Good Will is open from May 15th - June 14th this year. * 

“Step off the dock of what is known into the deep still waters of the unknown in an ultimate act of trust” El Morya – Chohan of the Blue Ray.

The 1st Ray is the power of the Divine Masculine. It helps you to be brave. It brings strength to the Love of the Divine Feminine.

This meditation gives you an opportunity to saturate in the Blue Ray of Omnipotence, protection, faith, courage, bravery, decision, self-reliance, surrender, and the will of God through the power of the Father.

Archangel Michael and Lady Faith are the Archangels of the 1st Ray, the Blue Ray.  

The perfect combination of the Archangels radiating the Blue Flame and Michael Gayle playing the blues completes this soulful meditation.

Open your heart and soak it in.

The Blue Ray Blues was played by Michael Gayle.  You can listen to more of his music at

*The function of this temple in the etheric realms above Darjeeling, India, is the Will of God.  The promotion of the highest type of national and world government, and international brotherhood, based on the raising of the standards of the individual and the nation to a Godly estate.  

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Mother Mary’s Temple of the Sacred Heart

May 8th, 2022

May is Mother Mary's month.  Her etheric Temple of the Sacred Heart over Fatima, Portugal, is open all month for us.

I suggest that you do this meditation often this month, especially as you are going to bed.

Most of our evolution and healing happens during our sleep.

In this meditation, Mother Mary welcomes us into her Temple of the Sacred Heart and invites you to heal your heart.  

This Temple will feel familiar to you.  You came here when you were in the womb.  Mother Mary's great service to Life is to help fashion the matrix of the physical heart with Divine Substance.

This meditation will be helpful to prepare you for the New Rosary on the Feast Day of Lady Fatima, May 13th.

Are you feeling stuck spiritually and unable to create what you want?

Maybe you’re ready to heal your finances and release the old way of doing money?

Join Mother Mary and Jennifer to learn the New Rosary.

It’s a simple and yet a powerful spiritual tool to help you manifest change in your life.

The New Rosary is a gift that continues to give and give.

Click here for more details and to sign up.

It’s only $21 and here’s a special 20% discount, just use the coupon code: newrosary on check out.


The music under this meditation is by Jennifer Russell.  The song, Open Your Heart, is on her WORTHY CD.

You can find most of the music on these podcast on Spotify or Apple Music

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5D Navel Chakra

May 1st, 2022

Do you may feel awkward around other people and want to be able to relate to them?

Are you feeling ready for your soul family to show up? A community where you can be yourself and feel like you belong?

This is the beauty of activating our 5D navel chakras.  This is our Unity and Oneness chakra.

Archangel Gabriel is helping us fully integrate Christ consciousness for the planet.

We are moving from isolation and aloofness with each other into total acceptance.

This meditation is a mini version of our 5D navel chakra healing from Sanctuary, including the song, Family of Light, that will help you stay calibrated and open to seeing others with new eyes.

As we consciously open our 12 chakras into their 5th dimensional potential it allows the full spectrum of our spiritual gifts and divine faculties to open. It brings our Beloved I AM Presence into ITS perfect alignment of being the dominant Presence in our lives.

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Power of Your Innocence

April 22nd, 2022

When I asked Mother Mary to tell us more about being the chooser in difficult times, her answer was beyond words and ideas.

She literally is taking us HOME in this meditation to remember the sovereign power of our innocence.

We are celebrated members of the Family of Light.  We are empowered to do anything.

The music under this meditation was played by Jennifer.  The song Abba Mama is on her CD One with the One

If this podcast supports you, please keep it going by fueling it with your financial support.  Any amount is appreciated.

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