5D Heart Chakra

July 24th, 2022

The journey of our heart chakra is truly remarkable.

Opening our spiritual center of LOVE to its 5D potential and coming into the Cosmic Heart is the most important thing we can do to accelerate our ascension and heal our world.

Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity, the Archangels on the Crystalline Pink Ray of Unconditional LOVE, are the guardians of our heart chakras and will be partnering with us in this meditation.

This meditation is a mini version of 6/26/22 Sanctuary, Jennifer’s monthly live sacred healing light mediation. This hour-long gathering gives us time to do a deep dive into learning, healing, singing, and meditation. Join us and receive access to all previous activations.  https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/sanctuary/

The new song, Bring a Higher Love, will help you integrate and seal this transmission. Jennifer is writing a song, every month this year, for each of the 5D chakras.

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