5D Navel Chakra

May 1st, 2022

Do you may feel awkward around other people and want to be able to relate to them?

Are you feeling ready for your soul family to show up? A community where you can be yourself and feel like you belong?

This is the beauty of activating our 5D navel chakras.  This is our Unity and Oneness chakra.

Archangel Gabriel is helping us fully integrate Christ consciousness for the planet.

We are moving from isolation and aloofness with each other into total acceptance.

This meditation is a mini version of our 5D navel chakra healing from Sanctuary, including the song, Family of Light, that will help you stay calibrated and open to seeing others with new eyes.

As we consciously open our 12 chakras into their 5th dimensional potential it allows the full spectrum of our spiritual gifts and divine faculties to open. It brings our Beloved I AM Presence into ITS perfect alignment of being the dominant Presence in our lives.

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