Base Chakra Safety

March 6th, 2022

This meditation is dedicated to anyone that is currently experiencing life as a refugee.

Anchoring our 5th dimensional base chakra for ourselves and everyone will help us feel safe, secure, and ready to step into our mastery.

This meditation is a mini version of our base chakra opening from Sanctuary, including the song, I AM Ready, that will help you stay calibrated.

As we consciously open our 12 chakras into their 5th dimensional potential it allows the full spectrum of our spiritual gifts and divine faculties to open. It brings our Beloved I AM Presence into ITS perfect alignment of being the dominant Presence in our lives.

Every month we are opening one chakra at a time in Sanctuary, my monthly live sacred healing light mediation. This hour-long gathering gives us time to do a deep dive into learning, healing, singing, and meditation. Whenever you join us, you’ll have access to all previous activations.

If this podcast supports you, please keep it going by fueling it with your financial support.  Any amount is appreciated.

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