Be Brave

May 15th, 2022

El Morya's Temple of Good Will is open from May 15th - June 14th this year. * 

“Step off the dock of what is known into the deep still waters of the unknown in an ultimate act of trust” El Morya – Chohan of the Blue Ray.

The 1st Ray is the power of the Divine Masculine. It helps you to be brave. It brings strength to the Love of the Divine Feminine.

This meditation gives you an opportunity to saturate in the Blue Ray of Omnipotence, protection, faith, courage, bravery, decision, self-reliance, surrender, and the will of God through the power of the Father.

Archangel Michael and Lady Faith are the Archangels of the 1st Ray, the Blue Ray.  

The perfect combination of the Archangels radiating the Blue Flame and Michael Gayle playing the blues completes this soulful meditation.

Open your heart and soak it in.

The Blue Ray Blues was played by Michael Gayle.  You can listen to more of his music at

*The function of this temple in the etheric realms above Darjeeling, India, is the Will of God.  The promotion of the highest type of national and world government, and international brotherhood, based on the raising of the standards of the individual and the nation to a Godly estate.  

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