Calling All Angels

October 8th, 2020

We are designed to walk with the Angels.  We were never meant to live on Earth without their assistance.

In this meditation, we exercise our privilege to call legions of Angels with their Invincible Power to hold Protection and the Cosmic Christ Illumination to fill every place in our lives and in all official places.

“The more you can be aware of the Angels, the more you call to them, the more you love them, the more you accept them, the closer they will come to you.”  Archangel Michael, VOL 16 Beloved Archangel Michael Speaks on the Angelic Host by Archangel Michael

The Call Improv is the guitar meditation by Michael Gayle under this meditation.  Michael’s guitar meditations are one of the juicy perks you’ll receive as a member of our Patreon family.  November 1st is our launch day.

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