Light Therapy

November 29th, 2020

We have experienced the gift of the harvest and now it’s time to rest and purge.  This is not a time to gear up with plans for 2021.

Have you been experiencing vivid dreams that bring up sorrow and remorse?  Are you facing your biggest fear or feeling depressed?  Many of us are.

Don’t push these memories under the rug, this is a huge opportunity to evolve quickly through the 4th Dimension, the astral plane that holds our collective and personal crud.

This meditation will help you cleanse and renew in the White Fire of Purification with the Mighty Elohim Purity (Claire) and Beloved Lady Master Astrea and the Angels of Purification.

This meditation is Light therapy for your etheric body, the body of your memories.  This body affects every area of your life.  Click here if you want to know more about the etheric body.

If you are ready to upgrade your spiritual life and be surrounded by a Family of Light, let’s connect.

 “Innocence” is the song under this meditation and was played by Jennifer

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