April 8th, 2021

What would your life be like if you were fearless and with every unexpected change you had the ability to stay in joy?

Mother Mary’s message in this Morning Light meditation instructs us on how to continuously experience safety.

The song, With My Love, at the end of this Meditation is a benediction from Jeshua from 'I AM' Discourses Vol. 3

This is the blessing that every Ascended Master has for us.

With my love I enfold you.
With my light I clothe you.
With my energy I sustain you.
That you may go fearlessly on your quest for happiness And the perfecting of yourselves and your world And may you arrive in joy.

Go fearlessly my friend. You are enfolded in love, clothed in Light and sustain in the energy of the Ascended Master's octave. That is a super high vibration of complete safety.

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