True North

May 20th, 2021

In this meditation you’ll receive a capsule of forward motion and a powerful tool to always find your true north.

This optimum compass will always set you precisely where you need to be.

Michael Gayle’s guitar piece, True North, accompanies this meditation.  Listen to more of his music HERE.

Our Sanctuary this Sunday, OPEN YOUR VOICE, will be in the high vibration of the Ascension Temple in the etheric realm of Luxor, Egypt with Mother Mary and Hathor.

Open your voice and release that which has been silenced. Everything that you’ve been suppressing and stuffing down in your solar plexus will be allowed to have a voice in this sacred circle.

It’s time for centuries of repression of the Divine Feminine to have a voice, individually and collectively. That’s what we do together.

Bring your voice, your drums, your bells, and your rattles.

We’ll be chanting, singing light language, dancing, and drumming.

You’ll leave this sacred gathering renewed and strengthened in your heart, in speaking your Truth and taking your next steps.

This very special Sanctuary will be on May 23rd at 5 PM PDT.  There will be a replay.

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