Unassigned Angels

March 14th, 2021

Every opportunity we have to call on and work with the Angels increases the Light within you and around you.  It also gives the Angels a chance to serve and evolve as well.

Unassigned Angels are in training and are looking for places to serve.  You are going to love working with them.  They can help you with anything.  You'll be working with them in this Morning Light Meditation.

This meditation leads us through another reading of Jennifer's new book, Empowered Prayer that’s dropping on March 18, 2021. 

You are invited to help Jennifer celebrate at her Launch Tea Party @ 6 PM PDT.   You'll have a great time, laugh a lot, receive some gifts, and of course prayer together.  There will be a sweet launch day special for you to get your copy of the book during that time. 

If everyone buys their book on the same day, within a window of time it will be big boost for Jennifer's Amazon mojo, called algorithms. Sign up here to save your seat.  https://tinyurl.com/empoweredprayer

The music behind this meditation is called My Team by Jennifer.

You can find most of Jennifer’s music on Spotify or Apple Music

Listen to more Morning Light Meditations here. https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/morning-light-meditations/

If this podcast supports you spiritually, please consider fueling it with your financial support.  Any amount is appreciated. https://Patreon.com/JenniferandMichael

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