Unicorn Blessings

July 2nd, 2022

“The Unicorns are often thought of as mythical creatures from another time. Let me tell you, they are real.  They are here now and want to fulfill their divine mission by helping you ascend.

Let yourself belief in them. Let them be a part of your journey of bringing in the new faith currency into your life and into the world.” Manna – from Telos

Today’s meditation is from Jennifer's new book, Opulence Infusion a new faith currency. This is the 4th book in the Mother Mary Series. It will be coming out in September.

This meditation will help you lift out of the old blocks of lack and into higher frequencies of Opulence.

The easiest way to start feeling the magical presence of the Unicorns is to receive their blessings.

The song under this meditation is Unicorns by Michael Gayle. You can listen to more of his music at https://michaelgayleguitar.com/

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