You Never Fail

September 19th, 2021

You are made from Light.  You are Light.

Light is our original and perfect medicine for everything, our health, our supply, our work, our relationships, and the problems on our planet.

This meditation will cover every aspect of your life and will overflow into the highest solutions for the world.

Use this powerful decree often. “I AM the Light of God that Never Fails.”

The music on this podcast was created by Jennifer Russell and Michael Gayle.  The song, begin, which ends the meditation is from the CD ‘be.’

You can find most of Jennifer’s music on SpotifyApple Music. or

Join us on September 22nd from 8:00 AM  - 11:30 AM PDT, as we move through the sacred portal of the Equinox.  Come to honor your journey and soak in the magic and miracles of the healing waters of the Christ Light.

Water is not afraid to go into the depths of your heart and compassionately cleanse and renew your soul for what’s next.

This retreat is for members only. Any level of membership is welcomed.  More info here.

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