Your Song

March 13th, 2022

Are you feeling out of sorts, like you're a bit off key?

Did you know you are part of the Music of the Spheres, the very sound of the Universe that is constantly creating?

You are the song of the Universe.

This is not about a mass choir of Angels, which you are also a part of.  I'm talking about your unique song, your musical signature.  The very cells and atoms of your body were created to this rhythm and pattern.

When you’re out of tune with your song, things don’t go well, and your spirit and body can shut down.

This meditation with Mother Mary will help you begin to recalibrate to your Universal melody.

I am inviting you to my Equinox event.  

Free Your Voice is an Equinox Celebration Ceremony. It’s a two-hour mini retreat
March 20th, 10 AM – Noon PST on Zoom.

During this retreat we’ll be using our voices to tap into the electricity of the Universe.

You’ll release ancestral shame and self-consciousness around your voice and ignite your light to its full capacity balancing your energies. A complete body tune-up.

It’s the perfect preparation for a powerful new season. You’ll be on voice. Meaning you’ll be tuned up to your sovereignty.

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