Your Tube of Light

March 7th, 2021

You came with your own divine protection.  This protective pillar of Light is like an insulator.

Today’s meditation uses an excerpt from Jennifer’s new book, Empowered Prayer called ‘Divine Protection.’

When you take time to fill your tube of Light with the Radiant light of Spirit it deflects the discord of lower vibrations.  It helps you to short circuit shadow energy.

Want to know more about the book?  Watch this 3 minute video.

Empowered Prayer is being released on March 18th.  Join Jennifer to celebrate at her Launch Tea Party @ 6 PM PST on Zoom.  Sign up here.

The music behind this meditation is called My Light Tube by Jennifer.

You can find most of Jennifer’s music on Spotify or Apple Music

Listen to more Morning Light Meditations here.

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